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Soft Tissue Massage

Soft tissue massage involves direct physical action on the muscle and other soft tissues of your body.

Soft tissue techniques such massage targets your muscles, tendons, ligaments,

or other connective tissue such as fascia.

Massage is the best known example of a soft tissue technique.

A soft tissue massage includes a whole range of massage depths, pressures and durations.

Your soft tissue massage aims to alleviate aches, pains and injuries that are attributed to your body’s soft tissues.

Soft Tissue Massage Benefits

A soft tissue massage is a specific type of massage which:

   -aids in relaxing muscles

   -increases blood circulation and lymph flow

   -improves the healing time of strained ligaments and muscular tissue

   -reduces the inflammation of joints and heart rate

   -improves range of motion and joint flexibility

   -increases endorphins

   -strengthens the immune system

   -decreases muscle spasms

   -improves oxygen flow and helps to relieve muscle tension