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Infant care training (handling).

It helps families to feel confident while handling and communicating with their baby in the best way to optimise development.

Proper care of a child may facilitate baby motor development in a natural way. In infants’ physiotherapy, training of proper care - ‘handling’ is an inseparable element of NDT– Bobath therapy.

Parents are trained by the physiotherapist on:

    -how to lift a baby as well as methods of carrying a child in a safe and healthy way

    -how to dress and undress a baby

    -which accessories for infant care are necessary

    -appropriate play activities for an infant, so they can develop better cognitive and motor skills 

    -correct feeding techniques for a baby

    -how to take care of a baby to facilitate their natural psycho-motor development

Parents will also learn how to handle their baby to make them feel more calm and safe