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Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology Taping Therapy is another non-invasive therapy in which specially designed tapes are applied onto patient skin. 

Helpfull in pain therapy, correction of fascial system, re-education of movement activities.

It is based on the application of specific tapes on a patient’s skin in order to achieve various therapeutic effects, depending on the application method. Tapes have a direct influence on skin (specifically the nerve endings, pain receptors, exteroceptive sensation and bathyesthesia) and on fascia, muscles, lymphatic system, their influence goes to the nervous system,cardiovascular and articular system, which enables the comprehensive use of this technique in the therapeutic process.

 I use taping as additional tool in my therapy process.Kinesiology taping is very useful in patients suffering from :

    -muscle tone disorders (increased and decreased muscle tone)

    - weakness(poor activity) of abdominal muscles

    -asymmetries of trunk and limbs

    -paresis (diplegia, hemiplegia, tetraplegia)

    -mechanical correction of lower and upper limbs