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About Me

Magdalena is a member of the The Chartered Society of Physioterapists (CSP) and The Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).

She qualified as a Master (MA) degree in Physiotherapy.

She is also studing Osteopathy at Osteopathie Schule Deutschland.

Magdalena have been working with children for the last 10 years.

She has taken several courses to help her obtain knowledge and skills:

    2014 - Paediatric Gait Analysis Course By Elaine Owen

    2011-Sensory Integration Course

    2011-Medical Taping Concept - Taping in Paeditric

    2011-Assessment of General Movements by Prechtl

    2010-NDT-Bobath Baby

    2008-2009-NDT-Bobath Basic

    2008-Kinesiology Taping

    2001-2006- Eugeniusz Piasecki University, Master in Physiotherapy

    2005-Classical Massage Course